Board of directors

The board of directors of the Danish Research Foundation of General Practice has the overall political and strategic management responsibility. The board consists of 10 member members: five are appointed by the Danish Organisation of General Practitioners (PLO) and five by Regioners Lønnings- og Takstnævn, which is the committee outlining the remuneration principles of the five Danish Regions under Danish Regions.


Research committee

The board has set up a research committee, which provides the foundation with guidance on research-related issues. 



The research units are funded by grants awarded by the Danish Research Foundation of General Practice established by the Danish Organisation of General Practitioners (PLO) and the Danish National Health Service Negotiating Committee (Sygesikringens Forhandlingsudvalg) under Danish Regions.

Most of the projects conducted by the research units are funded by external sources.



The research units were originally established in 1974 by the Danish National Council for Research Planning (Planlægningsrådet for Forskning) to further develop specific research areas of relevance to society.

The first unit, the Central Research Unit for General Practice, was established in Copenhagen in 1978 and was co-financed with a grant from the Danish National Research Council for Medical Sciences.

The Danish Organisation of General Practitioners (PLO) and the Danish National Health Service Negotiating Committee assumed the financial responsibility in 1984 through the newly established ‘Danish Foundation for Funding of Research in General Practice and Other Health Care Providers’ (Fonden vedrørende finansiering af forskning i almen praksis og sundhedsvæsnet i øvrigt). The name has now been changed into ‘the Research Foundation” (Forskningsfonden)

The research unit in Aarhus was established in 1992, the research unit in Odense in 1993, and the research in Aalborg was founded in 2015.